Terms of Service

By logging in to the official Starship Fights II website, you indicate your agreement to these Terms of Service.

Section I - Privacy Policy

By agreeing to these Terms of Service, which you indicate by logging in to the official Website, you confirm that you have read and acknowledged the Privacy Policy of Starship Fights II, accessible at https://ii.starshipfights.net/legal/pp.

Section II - Limitation of Liability

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the developers of Starship Fights II be liable or responsible to either its users or any third party for any damages or injuries sustained as a result of playing Starship Fights II or using the official Website.

Section III - Breaching Security

You will not attempt to breach the security of Starship Fights II, either the Game or the official Website. Should you come across a security flaw, you will inform the Starship Fights II Developers IN PRIVATE, and wait no less than 6 months before publicly revealing said security flaw.

You will not use any discovered security flaws to inflict harm upon Starship Fights II or any of its users.

Currently, the developers of Starship Fights II lack the sufficient monetary funds to offer a Bug Bounty program. This section will be modified should the situation change.

Section IV - Termination

The administrators of the Starship Fights II Website may terminate your usage of all online services related to Starship Fights II that are accessible by logging in and accepting these Terms of Service, under the following conditions:

  1. You are in breach of these Terms
  2. For any reason, at our sole discretion

Section V - Amendment Process

Starship Fights II will notify users when amendments to the Terms of Service will impact their usage of the Game or the Website. Users will be notified via the #announcements channel of the Official Starship Fights II Discord server.

Section VI - Amendments

November 5th, 2023
Initial writing

Section VII - Contact

The (currently sole) developer of Starship Fights II may be contacted via Discord at laniustrolling, via e-mail at lanius@laniustrolling.dev, or via NationStates telegram sent to Mechyrdia.

His GPG key may be downloaded from his personal website laniustrolling.dev, using the link labeled "Download GPG Public Key".