Starship Fights II logo

Starship Fights II by Lanius Trolling is the sequel to the original Starship Fights, a turn-based starship battle game played in the browser. Featuring real-time battles and a story-based campaign, Starship Fights II is set in the galaxy of The Hour of Decision, about the grand struggle between the greatness that furthers the cycle of history and the tyranny that craves after ruling for eternity.

After having been written in Kotlin for so long, Starship Fights II is now being ported to C++! While it is still in ongoing development, you can join the official Discord server to find teasers, announcements, and other important information, as well as interact with the game's community!

As a preview of things to come, you may also see a portion of the development/modding toolkit! Behold, the Campaign Map Studio for Starship Fights II! While it's not useful for much at this very moment, nor is it going to win any beauty contests, it provides a sneak peek into the development process of Starship Fights II.