About the Developers

Hello! Salvē! Khaîre! Shalōm bika! Hails! Dobrŭ dĭnĭ! Ves heill! Hygíeia sou! Gōdanā dag! Hhetepū en-tjū! h₁wésum deynóm! Čestj þibi! Prolchan! Goden dago! Qaban!

Ahem, erm… with that out of the way, we are the developers, administrators, operators, and miscellaneous staff of Starship Fights II!


Lanius Trolling's profile pic

Ave, amicus! I am Lanius Trolling, though you can call me just Lanius. I am a programmer who enjoys Kotlin, C++, C#, and Python, and the sci-fi worldbuilder behind The Hour of Decision.

I'm in charge of… pretty much everything. Seriously, I'm the only person who works on Starship Fights II. All things considered, that is for the better. I get to fully execute my creative vision without needing to answer to anyone else.